Three Inexpensive DIY Ideas on Decorating Around the Baby’s Crib

For many mothers and fathers, decorating the nursery is just one of the many exciting parts about becoming a parent.  However, the expenses that come with a baby could tighten your budget, making nursery decorating seem like another stress on your to-do list. In addition, the safety of your baby is an immediate concern when adding decorations to their room.

When worried about safety in the nursery, start with our Safe Nursery Checklist for New Parents blog, which offers tips on creating a safe sleep environment in your baby’s nursery.

Also, your wallet and your child’s safety don’t have to limit your creativity. There are still plenty of ways for you to decorate around your baby’s crib without increasing your baby’s risk or spending a ton of money. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are one of those ways.

Bed Skirts

Bed skirts wrap around the bottom of your baby’s crib and add pops of color or texture. As an added bonus, they allow you to hide any clothing or organizational containers you may want to store under the crib. You can make bed skirts with ruffles, or you can stick with a simple one that doesn’t even require sewing. There are many varieties of fabric available at all price ranges. Many fabrics are even washable.

Painting the Crib

Rather than buying a pricey, decorative crib, think about buying a simple, safe crib that you can update with inexpensive paint. This blog warns that, “first and foremost, you must use non-toxic, Zero VOC, no odor and baby safe paint.” Because a crib doesn’t require a lot of paint, this purchase shouldn’t be too costly as long as the crib isn’t larger than average.

Wall Decorations

Decorating the wall next to, but not directly above, your baby’s crib gives you space to be creative. Below is a variety of inexpensive and safe ideas:

  • Wall Decals: You can find these almost anywhere in stores, such as Target or Walmart, or online on Etsy or Amazon.
  • Wall Hangings: Some of these creative ideas include free items such as tree branches to create an earthy feel.
  • Pictures or picture frames: Show off your favorite pictures of your newborn or even use picture frames to make a collage of pictures. If you paint your crib, use leftover paint on a few white picture frames to coordinate colors.
  • Canvas Art: You can paint your own canvas or create timeless paintings using your baby’s hands or feet. A canvas and paint only cost a few dollars each.
  • Letters: There are also plenty of letter-decorating ideas using your baby’s name or an ABC letter wall.
  • Ribbon Garland: Use leftover fabric laying around the house in a ribbon garland. All you would need is a long piece of string and scissors. Pin the garland on the wall next to the crib when you’re done, not over it where it could accidentally fall in.

Anything that hangs over the crib, such as a canopy or mobile, is not safe as it could potentially fall into the crib. A clean, clear crib is best. The only bedding that should be in the crib with the baby is a fitted sheet. Your baby’s crib should be free of clutter, including pillows and blankets.

There are many great blogs to check out for DIY ideas, but take caution that not all of them understand the importance of Safe Sleep practices. Many blogs will suggest that bumper pads are safe. Some may use pictures demonstrating unsafe crib environments with pillows or toys. These are dangerous to your baby and increase their risk for SIDS.  

With so many inexpensive and imaginative ideas for your baby’s nursery, there’s no need to risk your baby’s safety with bumper pads, mobiles, pillows, or toys. Remember to find a balance between creativity, affordability, and above all, safety for your child.