SIDS Awareness: How You Can Get Involved

The chance to make a difference and potentially save the life of a baby is probably closer to you than you think. Simply communicating important information to others is a quick and effective way to raise awareness about infant sleep safety. Telling others about the ABCs of Safe Sleep and the dangers of SIDS, is a great way to educate them about the ways to reduce the risks. The power of one voice is stronger than what most people believe. Think about the people you know, the parents you know, and who they know. Simply talking about SIDS is helping to increase awareness.

In Kentucky you can also get involved with local and national organizations like these:

1. The Finley Foundation is a nonprofit based in Georgetown, KY, that exists to raise awareness and raise money to fund research about SIDS. The Finley Foundation hosts an annual Finley 5K every fall. If you are looking to help the cause, this is a great place to start! You can also read and watch their story here.

2. Located near Northern Kentucky, Cradle Cincinnati exists to make Hamilton County one of the healthiest places in the country for pregnant women and babies. With the goal to have every child reach his or her first birthday, one of their biggest areas of focus is improving safe sleep practices. They provide volunteer opportunities as well as Letters of Love, which are letters anyone can write to encourage pregnant women in the area.

3. Cradle Cincinnati partners with Charlie’s Kids Foundation. Charlie’s Kids Foundation raises awareness of SIDS through the book Sleep Baby Safe and Snug. The Foundation gives families the book during a prenatal visit or as part of the Safe Sleep survival kit provided by Cribs for Kids.

4. Cribs for Kids educates the public on the importance of Safe Sleep and provides Graco Pack ‘n Play portable cribs to families who may not be able to afford one. You can find partnering organizations across the state of Kentucky here.

5. The CJ Foundation is a national nonprofit that has provided millions of dollars towards SIDS research since 1994 and supports counseling services for families that have lost a baby to SIDS. The CJ Foundation is a powerful outlet to learn more, get involved, help the cause, and raise awareness.

6. ShareTeamFinn was started by a young mom originally from Kentucky who suffered the loss of her son from SIDS. She and her family now work to raise awareness of SIDS and inform people on how to perform CPR on infants. Sharing their story and website is one way to help spread the word. You can find their story here.

Sometimes the best way to to make a difference is by talking about it with others. It can be a difficult conversation, but you can find tips on our printable document: Sharing the ABCs of Safe Sleep.

There are more organizations fighting to lower the rate of SIDS all across the nation. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to find ways to stay educated and involved! Thank you for supporting us in our statewide effort to raise awareness of the importance of Safe Sleep for babies and lower the number of SIDS-related deaths in Kentucky.