Happy Mother’s Day: Here’s to You, Mom

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother” -Oprah.

We all have one. Whether biological or influential, we all have that woman who shaped us into who we are today. And let’s face it, most of us wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our moms.

Moms, you’re the everyday superhero. During our first t-ball game, you were our cheerleader. When we needed to vent, you listened. You were our teacher when we learned to walk, and our nurse when we fell down. When we needed advice, you counseled us. You worry for us every day and do everything in your power to keep us safe. Sometimes you forget all the little things that you do, and it’s time we thank you.

Most would probably agree that a single day isn’t enough to honor our mothers, but today we are going to try. We asked some everyday members in the Kentucky community what they want to thank their mom’s for, and here’s what they shared:

  • Thank you for your selflessness. You’re always putting my needs before your own without asking for anything in return. I can only imagine how much sleep you lost, meals you skipped, and stinky diapers you changed when I was an infant, and that was only in my first year of life!
  • Thank you for showing up every time I need you. You show up no matter how busy you are.
  • Thank you for your level-headedness. I can come to you with any problem and your loving, understanding nature always helps me find a solution. Thank you for being willing to let me make my own mistakes, but always being ready to love and assist me when I make them.
  • Thank you for laughter. No matter how hard things got growing up, you’ve always been lighthearted and silly. You’ve taught me laughing is truly the best medicine and to see the humor in everyday life.
  • Thank you for loving me despite my imperfections and mistakes. Through my days as a crying newborn to my years as a rebellious teenager, you loved me unconditionally and helped me learn to grow.
  • Thank you for all the ways you’ve supported me and allowed me to pursue the things that I’m passionate about. You’re such a positive influence on everyone, and you always help to brighten anyone’s day.
  • Thank you for being my rock, for being the one I can go to for anything. Whether I’m crying from laughing or laughing so I don’t cry, thank you for always listening and reminding me to look on the brighter side of life. Thank you for being you.

Mother's DayMother’s Day is also the start of National Women’s Health Week. You do so much for us that sometimes health takes the back burner, especially when life gets hectic. You have laundry to fold, a toddler’s constant mess to clean up, a conference call for work, a crying newborn to change, and your friend’s upcoming birthday (which you forget about precisely until this moment). The list never seems to end.

You spend so much time taking care of everyone else you may neglect to make your own health a priority, but it should be! Use today as an excuse to take a nap. Sleep deprivation can seriously harm your health. It’s important to be physically active, eat right, schedule those preventative health screenings, and avoid dangers such as smoking. Just like the little things you do for us add up, the little things you do, or don’t do, for yourself add up, too.

It’s okay to take some me-time so you can be the best version of yourself. Plus, you can’t help others if you’re not helping yourself first. Thanks for being the best, so take the best care of yourself because you deserve it, mom!