Gift Ideas for Expecting and New Parents

Do you know an Expectant or New parent? Struggling with a gift idea, let us help.  Consider a gift that helps create a Safe Sleep Space for baby.

  • A crib, bassinet or pack and play is a must have for every infant to provide a safe sleep space. The mattress should be one designed for the item purchased.  The surface needs to be firm and not soft.  If you are a grandparent, you may want to provide one for your home so there are no concerns when the baby is there.
  • Sleep sacks and footed sleepers are also great gifts. These will provide warmth without adding blankets which are a suffocation hazard.Slee
  • Colorful fitted sheets that properly fit the mattress in babies sleep space. Crib skirts that are made for crib mattresses.
  • Consider wall decals or other decorations for baby’s room as well as books to read to the baby.

DO NOT GET bumper pads, pillows or blankets for the bed. These are a suffocation risk.  If purchasing curtains or blinds avoid those with cords or strings.  They become a strangulation risk as the baby starts to get around.

Blankets can be used as wall decoration or for holding baby when they are awake. They are also useful for tummy time when the baby is awake and being watched by a responsible adult.

Remember, there should be nothing in the baby’s sleep space but the baby. Babies should sleep alone, on their back and in a clean clear crib.sleepbaby